4 Kinds Of Art That You Can Use To Style Your Home

Adding art that you love to the space where you live makes it your own and really turns it from a house to a home. 
There are so many fun trends out there and so many ways to style different artworks, but how do you know what is the right one for your space? Today I am giving you 4 examples of different types of art you can have in your home.
P.S. If you see any pictures of art that speak to you, just click on the pictures! It'll send you right to the websites of the artists who created the pieces.
Typically, when people think of wall art or paintings they think of large statement pieces. This might be the right kind of art for you if:
1) You have a big wall that needs filled
This one kind of speaks for itself. When you have a large wall just begging you to cover it, large statement pieces are a great way to go. The size of your space compared to the size of your room compared to the size of the art you wish to hang is so important to know.  
2) You are ready to make an investment into your  home
In most case, large works of art will cost you a few hundred dollars or more. But once you you have your beautiful work of art hanging on your wall for years to come you will be so happy you made the investment. Decor you love is always worth it. 
3) You're confident in your style
This one goes along with number 2. Art is an investment , so if you think you are going to go from farmhouse to modern eclectic in just a year it might not be the best time to invest in a large piece of art right now. But once you know your decorating voice you will feel confident in finding a piece for your home that you’ll love through every season of decor your home goes through. 
Below are examples of two large paintings next to the artists who created them for scale. Do you have room for one of these in your home? If the answer is yes, then this might be the right type of art for your home.
Fiber art is a fine art that is made primarily out of fibers, and it has been around for ages.This form of art includes anything from tapestries to macrame and looks great in almost any decorating style. One benefit to choosing a piece of fiber art for your walls is that they are not as fragile as some other forms of art, so if this is something that worries you when investing in a fine art piece, this is the direction you will want to go in.
My personal favorite take on this craft is done by @spinningweaves. Her take on weaving is so fun and add personality to any room. These works of art are perfect for anyone who wants their home decor to stand out, adding the perfect mixture of texture, softness and creativity.