How To Create The Perfect Gift Basket

It never fails, every time I click the link to a wedding registry all of the cool stuff is already gone. I don't feel like I procrastinate to get my gift shopping done, but every time I get around to it all that is left is pillow cases and cookie sheets.
While those are obviously essential items, no one wants to give the boring gift. 
So I don't.
I came up with my idea for these Cozy Kentucky gift baskets in 2016 and have given them (or some variation) at every wedding I have been to in the last two years (which is a lot of weddings, trust me on that). These baskets are fun, affordable and support local small businesses. In my opinion, those are the best kind of gifts! Want to see what to put in these beautiful gifts? Keep scrolling!
Basket or box
Since I like to call this the Cozy Kentucky Basket, I generally include a bottle of bourbon. This Very Old Barton is my go to for a gift; it taste good and it's only $8 at Kroger! I have substituted wine and wine glasses for friends that I know aren't crazy about whisky, so the drink option is up to you and what you know your friend will like. 
The candles I buy from Black Dog Candles. They not only have the greatest candles I have ever smelled, but a portion of their proceeds are donated to local animal shelters. These make wonderful additions and help support a small business. You can find their candles here.
The coasters for this gift basket you can find right here on my website. I hand make each coaster individually with a fluid paint technique and a resin epoxy finish. These mini works of art are the perfect practical gift and are a great addition to any bar cart.
To find the glasses and basket, I head to TJ Maxx or Home Goods because I know they will have whatever style I'm looking for. While I'm there, I might pick up a fuzzy blanket as well. The blanket is the only part of the basket I don't include every time. If I don't know a couple as well or I have already spent money on a personal gift I normally leave out the blanket. If that's the case, I choose to style my gift in a pretty box rather than a basket.
So now you know my gift giving secret! If this blog helped you to come up with a gift basket of your own, I'd love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @CelesteAddisonArt!