How To Hang A Hassle Free Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are always such a beautiful thing, but they are so much work!!
If you're like me, you love putting up gallery walls, and adding and taking things away often. I don't fear putting up gallery walls anymore because the process is so simple for me now! 
Want to find out I do it? Keep on scrolling!
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Oh you have so many options! Gallery walls are a great place to display family photos, artwork, postcards, and other fun decorative pieces! I love adding Polaroid pictures to my gallery walls, as well as pieces of original art work! It's important to add a variety of sizes to your wall to keep it lively. 
If you find yourself in need of new items to hang in your gallery wall, the best places to find beautiful items are Etsy, Instagram, and small online shops like mine here at!
I'm all about just wingin it, but if you would like fewer holes in your wall you can figure the layout of your wall art on the floor.
 Laying your art out on the floor allows you to move it around and make sure you match it up exactly how you want it. After laying it out on the floor you can take a picture of the layout and then take a few measurements to make sure you like the distance between your pictures. Make sure to write them down so you don't forget!
Forget the hammer, nails, measuring tape, level or whatever else most people use for their gallery walls. I have just two go-to's when it comes to my gallery walls.
For starters, I use thumbtacks to hang basically EVERYTHING! They are sturdy enough for most objects and they don't leave giant holes in the walls, such a win!
When it comes to measuring, I use the Hang-O-Matic. When I met this tool I almost cried. It is a level, tape measure, AND it allows you to put tiny holes in the wall at the exact point where you need to put your thumbtacks.   Ah~mazing!  Purchase your Hang-O-Matic here!
The beautiful thing about using thumbtacks instead of nails to hang your gallery wall is you can hang pictures as you measure, rather than waiting until you have everything hammered in. This helps you to gauge the layout of the wall and make sure that you like the direction it's headed.
I always like to start with the largest piece of the gallery wall first, and then fill in the spaces around it. 
And really, it's as simple as that! This process doesn't take very much effort, and saves so much time. 
If you found this blog helpful, let me know! I would love to see your finished gallery wall! If you need a few more items for your gallery wall, you can find them here!