How To Pick The Right Paint Color

Painting your home is such a big job. There is so much physical work involved in the process, but it can be mentally exhausting as well.
Yes, I'm talking about all of the brain power it takes to figure out which wall color is actually right for your room. There are literally thousands of choices out there for you!
So how do you find YOUR color? How can you know you won't hate it after 3 months? How do you know that it will be exactly what you want for your home? 
I'm going to answer all of these questions for you (plus a few more) in this two part blog post.
You like blue, you like grey, you like the whole rainbow for crying out loud! How on earth are you supposed to narrow down which color you want to stare at for the unforeseeable future!? 
Start by figuring out how you want your room to feel. Are you decorating a bedroom where you hope to spend evenings, sleepy eyed and reading your favorite novel while relaxing with a glass of wine? You can for sure rule out bright colors like loud yellows or electric reds. 
The easiest way to divide colors would be to warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors will be the shades that make you feel more alive and energized while cool colors will make you want to slow down and snuggle up. 
So now you know the feeling you want your room to give you, how do we pick which color? 
The easiest way to figure out what color you should paint your home is to look in your wardrobe. If you love wearing a color, you'll love seeing the color. 
For example, I wear so much green I basically look like a cartoon character. Because of this fact it was not shocking when I chose to paint our living room a deep hunter green.
Your closet holds the answers when it comes  to what color you love to see every day.
Not sure how that color will make you feel? Here is a chart of general color psychology from A Calming Home

As hard as this is going to sound, you should not ask your mom, your neighbor and their dog for their opinion on the paint color you want to choose. 
Everyone has their own, very strong, opinions when it comes to paint colors and those opinions could influence you into choosing a color you hate. Of course, if you have a family that has to live with the paint choice their opinion should be considered, but no one outside of the home really should have a say.
Just because you know your paint color does not mean it is time to just go buy your gallons of paint and slap them on the wall. Next week I'll be back to walk you through your trip to the paint store.