Why I Wish I Saw Myself In Art

My hair was a super big deal growing up.
"It's so curly!"
"How long does it take to blow dry all that!?"
"Can I have some!?" (followed by a classic old lady laugh.)
It's so funny to me that with all of the positive remarks people would make about my curly hair I still wanted to change it. Do you know why? Because every person I ever saw on TV had poker straight hair. Every coloring book my parents brought home featured princesses with long wavy hair. Every poster I ever saw had someone on it that looked nothing like me.
It had an effect on me. I would beg my mom to flatiron my hair for me (a process that took hooouuuurs every time). I just wanted to be different!
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As a woman, your hair is generally a huge part of your identity. Fortunately, as I grew older, I slowly began to appreciate my hair more. I didn't really think my hair was beautiful, though, until I decided it looked like a big bunch of hydrangeas. I realized I was wearing a flower crown on my head at all times! 
This year I decided I wanted to do my part to make every other girl out there feel as beautiful as I did when I realized my hair could be compared to one of the greatest creations in nature. Thus why I started The Plant Lady series. With this abstract series of paintings I'm hoping that I can help every girl to feel represented, whether they have curly hair, straight hair, locs, an Afro, wavy hair, really any kind of hair! 
I realize that I can't possibly capture the beauty of every girl out there based solely off of my imagination, that is why I need your help! With this project I hope to be able to represent as many girls as possible. If you don't see yourself in one of my Plant Ladies let me paint you!                     
Being abstract art, The Plant Ladies are meant to be different for each person. One girl may see long curly hair where another may see dreadlocks or braids. 
I wish I could go back in time and tell little Celeste not to be so nervous to wear her hair natural. Since I can't do that (if you have a time machine HMU!) I want to do what I can to help ease other girls out there, of all ages, to be more okay with themselves. There is nothing wrong with your thin hair, there is nothing wrong with your short hair, there is nothing wrong with your hair breaking every brush it ever touches! 
I'm happy to be able to share this project with the world. My hope is that this series will inspire even one girl to feel beautiful as she is after seeing her hair portrayed as one of Gods prettiest creations. Click here to purchase a Plant Lady for yourself or a loved one.